Emit Capital Climate Finance Equity Fund

The investment manager for the Emit Capital Climate Finance Equity Fund is Emit Capital Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 652 326 237 (Emit Capital).

Emit Capital is a global equities manager focused on investment opportunities assessed to contribute to a meaningful reduction in climate change. Emit Capital’s commitment to the market for climate finance demonstrates a core objective to generate solid investment returns from the transition to a low carbon economy.

The investment team at Emit Capital have significant international experience across funds management, climate finance and investment markets. A truly global operation, Emit Capital is headquartered in Melbourne with its research arm based in the US in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Emit Capital employs a traditional investment approach to its stock selection, including:

  • A climate finance thematic approach setting the basis for Emit Capital’s top-down sector and industry selection;
  • A bottom-up fundamental analysis process combined with quantitative analysis and portfolio construction techniques to identify companies exhibiting the best preferred factor characteristics within the key themes.

The four key investment sectors Emit Capital targets within its climate finance theme are:

  • Energy transformation (e.g. renewable energy)
  • Transport & Infrastructure (e.g. electric vehicles)
  • Energy efficiency & storage (e.g. battery storage)
  • Water management (e.g. filtration & wastewater treatment)

The portfolio aims to be appropriately diversified by industry, geography and risk factor and asset weightings of individual names reflect:

  • The valuation gap between the current market price and Emit Capital’s assessed value;
  • Emit Capital’s level of conviction and views on appropriate investment timing; and
  • Liquidity and market capitalisation of the company.

The investment strategy time horizon is typically five to seven years as that is where Emit Capital believes that most valuation and information inefficiencies exist. Emit Capital monitors macro factors and trends across the broad economy as well as within the climate finance sector to measure the impact on each of the chosen companies.

The Fund aims to generate consistent and sustainable long-term returns after fees and expenses, in excess of the Benchmark. The Benchmark is the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) Net AUD.

The Offer is only available to persons who qualify as wholesale clients (as defined in section 761G(7) of the Act) or sophisticated investors (as defined in section 761GA of the Act) (collectively, Qualifying Investors).

Additional information about the Fund can be found on the Fund’s website.

Should you have any queries, please contact us on enquiries@oneinvestment.com.au or call us on (02) 8277 0000.