Asia Pacific Healthcare Fund II

The Asia Pacific Healthcare Fund II (the Fund) is an unregistered managed investment scheme that invests in to life science companies that are built upon advances in medical and life science research.

The Fund aims to invest into bioscience companies which have:

  • A high probability of delivering ‘clinical data’ that will make the company an attractive acquisition prospect within 2-4 years;
  • Leading technology & secure intellectual property position;
  • Sound business model with clear market/ patient need; and
  • An ability to influence value uplift.

Target investments by the Fund will have the following attributes:

  • Developing medical devices or drugs at human clinical trial / proof of concept stage;
  • Working towards a market which can demonstrate significant size and growth;
  • Have in place an experienced management team and board with track record of success in the sector; and
  • Have a capital structure that supports a value added exit for our investment.

The Fund has a private equity style with a 5 year entry and 5 year exit period. The Fund will target approximately 12 investments of between $5m to $8m.

The Investment Manager

The Investment Manager of the Fund is BioScience Managers Pty Ltd (BioScience Managers). The team of the Investment Manager are a multi-disciplinary international team with a depth of sector and funds management experience, a diverse skill set and experience and global networks and relationships. BioScience Managers was established in 2003 to bring an international perspective together with the track records, networks and expertise required to convert that perspective into informed investment decisions and vale enhancing opportunities.

More information on BioScience Managers can be found here.


  • A management fee of 1.5% per annum plus expenses of up to 0.5%; and
  • A performance fee of 20% above the 8% hurdle.