Dreamoro Ventures Fund 1

At Dreamoro Ventures, we identify, fund and grow transformative healthtech and digital media & entertainment startups whose success underpins better experiences and outcomes for people, patients and healthcare workers.

We are solving social problems, profitably.

The Dreamoro Ventures Fund 1 (Fund) is comprised of Dreamoro Ventures Fund 1 LP (ILP 2300023) (Partnership) and an unregistered unit trust being the Dreamoro Ventures Fund 1 Trust (Trust).  As the Partnership and the Trust are ‘stapled’, investments will be made by the Partnership or the Trust and capital from investors will be allocated by the Manager to either the Partnership or the Trust accordingly. An investor in the Fund will be admitted as a Limited Partner in the Partnership and as a Unitholder in the Trust (as required).

The Partnership is structured as an incorporated limited partnership under the Partnership Act and is conditionally registered as an ESVCLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership).

The Trust is an Australian unregistered managed investment scheme and structured as a unit trust. The trustee of the Trust is One Fund Services Ltd (ACN 615 523 003, AFSL 493421) (Trustee).

Dreamoro Ventures Pty Ltd (ACN 669 010 593, CAR No 001306000) (Manager) is the investment manager of the Fund and has prepared and issued an Information Memorandum dated November 2023. The Memorandum has been prepared to provide background information for persons considering applying for an investment in the Fund.

The Fund has several attributes which the Manager believes provide a compelling opportunity for investors:

  • Joint Venture Capital Manager and Technology Studio, created by ex-founders to solve known industry challenges
  • Fund focused in HealthTech and Digital Media & Entertainment, two rapidly evolving industries with increasingly overlapping success factors
  • Dreamoro Ventures is comprised of founders and leaders from each sector with substantial networks and proven expertise. Dreamoro Studio are seasoned tech developers and project managers
  • Fund target of AUD $80M, structured as stapled ESCVLP and Managed Investment Trust targeting IRR of 25%
  • Investment allocations reserved, additional deals already in the pipeline
  • Founder-led funds have empirically demonstrable outperformance versus other VC models

As a disciplined, experienced early stage investor (pre-seed to Series A), the Manager believes that Dreamoro Ventures is well positioned to generate higher positive returns (compared to Series B or later rounds) as:

  • early stage valuations are typically much lower;
  • there can be less competition for the best investment opportunities;
  • managers can have more influence through suitably aligned mentorship, oversight, expertise and counsel; and
  • more investment structures are available to early stage investors such as secondary offers, follow-on investments and co-investment.

Capital commitments will be allocated to and deployed by the Partnership where an investment is ESVCLP Eligible Investment. Capital commitments may also be allocated and deployed to the Trust stapled to the Partnership to provide flexibility to the Manager in circumstances where an investment (or component thereof) may not be an ESVCLP Eligible Investment, there is uncertainty to ESVCLP Eligibility or other reason. However, the Manager expects the majority of its committed capital (but in any event, at least the minimum $10 million in capital commitments as required under the ESVCLP Rules) to be allocated through the Partnership.

The Fund, at the date of this Memorandum, is not required to be, and is not, registered as a managed investment scheme pursuant to section 601ED of the Corporations Act.

The Offer is only open to persons who qualify as wholesale clients (as defined in section 761G(7) of the Act).

You can download a copy of the Information Memorandum and access the Application Form by using the links opposite.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact us on dreamoro@oneinvestment.com.au or call us on (02) 8277 0000.