CPF Diversified Property Fund

The CPF Diversified Property Fund ARSN 610 941654 (formerly known as 601 Coronation Drive Fund) (the Fund) is an Australian managed investment scheme registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

The Fund was restructured as an open-ended fund that intends to establish a diversified portfolio of property and property related assets and aims to provide Investors with regular property-based income combined with the potential for longer-term capital growth.

The Fund currently owns a modern, six-story commercial office building comprising ground level, five upper levels of A-Grade style office accommodation and three basement levels of car parking at 601 Coronation Drive, Toowong, QLD. The property, constructed in 2007, provides sizeable efficient floor plates of approximately 1,282m2 and enjoys abundant natural light and picturesque views over the Brisbane River and towards the Brisbane CBD.

The Fund may also invest in other property assets.

Pursuant to the Investment Management Agreement, the Responsible Entity has appointed Capital Property Funds Pty Limited ACN 162 323 506 (the Fund Manager, Capital Property Funds or CPF) to provide investment management services and other services to the Fund.


The Fund’s objective is to:

  • Provide investors with a targeted return of at least 6.00% p.a. (net of all fees and expenses) underpinned by regular property-based income.
  • Provide investors with the potential for longer-term capital growth.
  • Provide Investors with access to a potentially diversified portfolio of property-related assets that they may not usually be able to achieve outside of a Pooled Fund.


The Fund’s investment strategy is to:

  • Invest in stabilised properties in proximity to major capital cities, metropolitan cities and major regional town centres, with returns expected to be derived principally from rental income combined with longer-term capital growth.
  • Acquire well-located properties may benefit from capital works upgrades to create capital growth and improved income for the Fund.
  • Undertake fund-through property acquisitions, where the Fund may provide equity or debt funding to fund property development, own suitable property assets and enjoy development returns.
  • Invest in other property assets such as property backed mortgage investments, cash, cash-like products and listed property trusts.


For further information, please contact us at (02) 8277 0000.

601 Coronation Drive Fund

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The Fund is currently closed to applications and redemptions. For existing investors, if you would like a copy of the Product Disclosure Document (PDS) dated 17 June 2022, please contact the Responsible Entity and one will be provided to you free of charge.

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