Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust

The Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust (the Fund) is an initiative of Indigenous Business Australia (IBA), a progressive, commercially focused organisation that promotes and encourages self-management, self-sufficiency and economic independence for Indigenous Australians.

IBA Asset Management Pty Ltd (the Investment Manager), a wholly owned subsidiary of IBA, is the manager of the Fund. The Investment Manager undertakes the day-to-day management of the Fund.

The trustee of the Fund is One Managed Investment Funds Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of One Investment Group.

The Fund was established in 2013 to allow Indigenous Australians to receive economic returns from commercial property assets located across Australia. In addition to seeking to generate financial returns for unitholders, the Fund will seek long-term and sustainable social and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians through its management and operational arrangements. The Investment Manager actively encourages external stakeholders engaged in respect of the Fund to implement strategies and policies to create employment, training and supply-chain outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Fund’s investments are managed with the objective of generating risk-adjusted returns to investors over the medium to long term from a combination of income and capital growth. Significant decisions relating to the Fund (including acquisitions and divestments) must be approved by a committee comprised of a majority of independent professionals with experience in the sector.

The Fund is currently valued at in excess of $160 million and intends to grow its investments by raising capital from Indigenous Australians and progressively acquiring new commercial properties that meet its investment parameters.

To find out further information in relation to the Fund, please contact the Investment Manager:

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