FundWA I

Fund WA I is a closed-ended unregistered Australian-domiciled unit trust (the Fund) managed by Fund WA Pty Ltd ACN 652 722 597 (the Manager).  One Fund Services Ltd ACN 615 523 003 (AFSL 493421) is the trustee of the Fund and issuer of Units in the Fund (the Trustee).  The Manager is an authorised representative (number [001301270]) of One Wholesale Fund Services Ltd ACN 159 624 585 (AFSL 426503).

The target fund size is $50 million in Capital Commitments, but the Manager or Trustee may determine to proceed with a lower amount or accept commitments in excess of this amount.

  • The Fund will seek to make investments in early-stage businesses at the commercialisation stage across all innovative sectors, including but not limited to, software, health, biotechnology, energy systems, and others.
  • The Fund will invest in businesses located in or with a close connection to Western Australia (WA) at the time of initial investment. The location of a businesses’ principal place of business, the location where its intellectual assets are developed, and the location of the majority of employees will all be considered in determining whether there is a close connection to WA. The geographic requirement in relation to WA applies only at the time of initial investment. It is likely that certain investees may cease to have a close (or indeed any) connection to WA following investment by the Fund (for example, where an Investee relocates its operations). In these situations, the Fund will maintain its investment in such Investee.
  • WA may be just beginning the same growth curve as other locations. The Manager believes WA has a substantial growth opportunity for the next 10 years. Investment opportunities are sourced through the existing WA ecosystem structures and personal relationships, leveraging strong connections to startup accelerators, university programs, media publications and communities in WA.
  • Investments are selected, negotiated and managed by an experienced team with a strong track record and extensive networks. Investment Committee members have substantial experience in making investments, having invested in over 100 companies collectively; and include Glenn Butcher, Emlyn Scott, Pia Turcinov, Dr Michael Nguyen and Asheesh Malaney.

The Fund’s investment operations are underpinned by due diligence frameworks that support a holistic understanding of the upsides and key risks of an investment.  All potential investee companies undertake a comprehensive process that requires them to explain the key facets of their business, which are evaluated for their alignment with the Fund mandate and expected future. The Fund’s Investment Committee reviews and provides prior approval of all investments and divestments to be recommended by the Manager to the Trustee.

The Offer is only available to persons who qualify as wholesale clients (as defined in section 761G(7) of the Act) or sophisticated investors (as defined in section 761GA of the Act) (collectively, Qualifying Investors).

Should this be of interest, you can download a copy of the Information Memorandum and Application Form from this page.

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