Gyrostat Risk Managed Equity Fund

The investment manager for the Gyrostat Risk Managed Equity Fund is Gyrostat Capital Management Advisers Pty Ltd ACN 168 737 246.

Gyrostat Capital is an Australian based, specialist risk managed investing business established in 2010.  Risk managed investing has protection always in place (dynamically managed as per global best practise), returns designed to increase with market volatility, and regular income through the complete investment cycle.

The Fund has 5 different classes of units and offers diversified low and non-correlated investment solutions which address sequencing and portfolio drawdown risk while delivering equity income.

Equity income benchmark absolute return

  • Gyrostat Absolute Return Income Equity Class A
  • Gyrostat Leveraged Absolute Return Income Equity Class B

Australian and international equities, benchmarked against index

  • Gyrostat Risk Managed Australian Equity Class C
  • Gyrostat Risk Managed Hong Kong Equity Class D
  • Gyrostat Risk Managed Global Equity Class E

The investment manager is an active manager and uses a portfolio approach to diversify the investments both within the higher yielding sectors in the ASX market and in international markets.

The Fund will invest in high yielding Australian and/or international securities and exchange trades funds over 5 different classes of units. There are 5 different strategies and 5 different benchmarks across the Fund. The return objectives are to exceed those individual benchmarks over rolling 12 month periods. The Fund also has a downside protection objective which aims to mitigate against losses on market falls.

The Fund may use derivatives to hedge risk or to gain investment exposure. The Fund may also use leverage of up to 100% of the portfolio value.

The Fund may be suitable for investors seeking capital growth and income, while hedging equity market risk.

This investment is available to wholesale investors only (that is, wholesale clients the Corporations Act defines this).